The Abigail Riggs Collection was borne from founder Gail Riggs' desire to teach her children, Abigail and John, about empowerment and generosity, about the pioneers who came before them, about the amazing women who often suffered great personal sacrifice to brighten our way, and about every mother's loving desire to connect the next dot.

Our first project, "Purse with a Purpose", carries a notable quote prominently placed on the backside of each bag, beside you, like an arm around your waist, reminding you of the strength and sisterhood stitched into our history. Limited editions and numbered: Ms. Anthony, Miss Bouvier, Miss Annie and our First Lady Series; each are intended to raise money for the causes these individuals pioneered.

We’ve partnered with like-minded nonprofits in order to give a percentage of our proceeds and raise awareness worldwide.

Wear one, tell her story and connect the next dot…